Posted by Regency Fireplace Products on 7th Jun 2023

Cost To Operate Different Fireplaces By Fuel Type


When you're in the market for a fireplace, there are several factors to keep in mind. Your budget, style preferences (modern or contemporary), and choice of fuel type all play a major role in your decision-making process. Additionally, it's essential to assess the approximate heat output and the operational costs, especially considering that the heat output is typically measured in British Thermal Units (BTU), with higher BTU ratings indicating greater heat production.

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Wood-Burning Fireplaces: What's the Cost?

Determining the exact cost of operating a wood-burning fireplace in a single season can be challenging, as it hinges on various factors. Environmental Protection Agency-certified wood stoves, for instance, may consume anywhere from 3 to 6 full cords of wood per season, with variations based on consumption, weather, and heating needs. If you can get free wood, you're in luck as your cost can remain at $0. However, in areas where wood is expensive, your expenses could climb to as much as $3,000.

Remember that your personal needs and costs will vary significantly based on factors such as your location, usage patterns, and local wood prices. For reference, high usage can range from $910 to $2,730 when running 24 hours a day, while low usage costs fall within the range of $455 to $1,365 when used for 12 hours daily. Keep in mind that wood prices can fluctuate across North America, and these cost estimates were calculated based on standard unit size, efficiency, and daily usage over an average course of 26 weeks.

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Gas Fireplaces and Gas Inserts: What's the Running Cost?

The cost of operating a gas fireplace, gas insert, or gas stove is also due to various factors, making it difficult to give an exact answer. Elements such as the unit's size, area, local gas costs, gas type, and frequency of use all contribute to the operational expenses. Gas units can range in cost from $412 to $2,708, depending on the unit type and usage patterns. To delve deeper into the details, try exploring different types of gas appliances.

The cost estimates mentioned here are basic calculations, ranging from low usage (8 hours a day) to high usage (16 hours a day), with standardized usage scenarios. Precise usage costs will inevitably differ. These estimates utilize a price-per-therm model, where one therm equals 100,000 BTU, and the hourly price has been adjusted for standardized efficiency. The totals reflect a full 26-week heating season and should be treated solely as educational references for product research.

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Electric Fireplaces: What's the Operating Cost?

Electric fireplaces generate heat through an internal heater, with the heater's output measured in kilowatts (kW). The higher the kW consumption, the more heat (BTUs) the internal heater produces. Electric fireplaces offer the flexibility to run with or without heat, significantly reducing energy consumption while maintaining a pleasing ambiance when heat is not needed.

Typically, an electric fireplace manufacturer's product line will deliver a consistent BTU output across its different size options. When making your purchase decision, consider the estimated yearly cost, which can vary based on your location, installation, usage habits, and electricity rates. The estimated yearly cost typically falls within the range of $80 (low usage) to $131 (high usage). However, keep in mind that these estimates depend on factors such as location, installation, usage, and electricity rates. To provide a basis for comparison, these estimates use the maximum kW output at $0.10 per kWh under consistent installation conditions (voltage and amperage) for one hour daily throughout the year. This approach results in higher costs for units capable of producing more heat (max kW and BTUs) and lower costs for those with lower heat output.

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Pellet Fireplaces: What's the Operating Cost?

The operational cost of a pellet fireplace depends on several factors, including the efficiency and craftsmanship of the unit, the type and quality of pellets used, regional electricity costs, and the heat setting maintained. Pellet stoves can vary in their pellet consumption, with low settings burning approximately 1 ¼ lbs. of pellets per hour and high settings consuming around 5-6 lbs. of pellets per hour. The yearly cost for high usage, running 24/7, typically ranges from $1,255 to $4,368, whereas low usage, at 12 hours a day, costs only about $619 to $2,184.

Similar to other estimates, the data provided here for pellet fireplaces is based on calculations using maximum kW output at $0.10 per kWh. These calculations take into account standard unit size, efficiency, and daily usage at both low and high heat settings over an average heating season of 26 weeks. Actual costs may vary.

Fuel Type Duration Cost
Wood 24 hours/day $910 - $2,730
Wood 12 hours/day $455 - $1,365
Gas 16 hours/day $2,708
Gas 8 hours/day $412
Electric 24 hours/day $131
Electric 12 hours/day $80
Pellet 24 hours/day $1,255 - $4,368
Pellet 12 hours/day $619 - $2,184