Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplace Guide: Choosing the Best Model for You

From built-in that offer a modern look to 3-sided electric fireplaces that create an immersive experience, the variety available caters to different tastes and space requirements. Freestanding electric fireplaces are a popular choice for their portability and ease of installation, proving ideal for renters or those who prefer a movable heat source. For those who prioritize realism, the most realistic electric fireplaces make use of advanced technology to replicate the look and feel of a true wood-burning fire, while also providing heat at the flip of a switch.

Modern advancements have even brought outdoor electric fireplaces into the market, expanding living spaces to the outdoors with the same warmth and ambiance provided indoors. With a plethora of designs ranging from contemporary electric fireplaces to the traditional and classic styles, homeowners can find the perfect addition to complement their decor and lifestyle. For those looking to enhance their homes with top-rated fireplace options, a visit to LuxuryFire.com can be the first step towards selecting an ideal electric fireplace.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces offer a variety of styles and formats to fit different home needs and aesthetic preferences. They offer supplemental heating and eliminate combustion concerns.


Built-In Electric Fireplaces are integrated directly into the wall or custom cabinetry. They look smooth and are common in modern homes where saving space is important. Our linear electric fireplaces are among the best sellers in the modern electric fireplace section.


Free standing Electric Fireplaces are standalone units that can be placed anywhere in a room. Their design allows for portability and flexibility, resembling traditional wood-burning stoves or minimalist heaters.


Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces attach to the wall, making them a focal point in any room. They are a space-saving solution that can add a stylish and modern touch, often coming with realistic flame effects.

Insert Electric Fireplace

Electric insert fireplaces are designed to fit into existing fireplaces. They transform traditional fireplaces into electric ones without a need for venting or a chimney, providing efficient heating and a realistic flame look. The best electric fireplace insert will depend on the size of your traditional fireplace opening.

Outdoor Electric Fireplace

This units are crafted to withstand exterior elements and are perfect for adding warmth to patios or decks. They are built with durable materials and designed to bring the comfort of a fireplace to outdoor living spaces.

Key Features

The key features of different categories of electric fireplaces define their suitability and appeal. Each variety caters to specific aesthetics and functional requirements.

Real Flame Electric Fireplace

Modern electric fireplaces emphasize sleek design and innovative features. They often include LED lighting for custom ambiance and touchscreen controls. Many are wall-mounted or built in, serving not only as a heat source but as a central piece of a room's modern decor.

Realistic Electric Fireplace

Realistic electric fireplaces focus on emulating the look of real flames using advanced technologies. They typically feature 3D flame effects and crackling sound modules. These fireplaces are crafted with materials that mimic real wood or coal to enhance visual authenticity.

3 Sided Electric Fireplace

Three-sided electric fireplaces offer a panoramic view of the flames, making them a focal point of any room. These units provide flames viewable from multiple angles and often incorporate features like variable speed settings and multi-color flame options.

Corner Electric Fireplace

Corner electric fireplaces are designed to efficiently utilize space. Their shape fits snugly into room corners, providing warmth without occupying excessive floor space. They often have multiple shelving units, making them a practical option for both heating and storage.

Buying Guide

Selecting the right fireplace involves careful consideration of efficiency, placement, budget, and the desired type.

Best option

When choosing the best electric fireplace, one should consider several factors:

  • Heating Capacity: How well the unit can warm the intended space.
  • Features: Remote controls, adjustable flame settings, and built-in timers enhance usability.
  • Design: Should complement the home's aesthetic, ranging from traditional to modern styles.


Efficiency is crucial in an electric fireplace:

  • Power Source: Typically runs on standard home electric systems.
  • Heat Output: Usually measured in BTUs; relates to the ability to heat a defined square footage effectively.
  • Energy Consumption: Look for energy-efficient models to minimize running costs.

Size and Placement Considerations

Size and placement are key to the functionality:

  • Room Size: a large electric fireplace or small has to match the fireplace's heating capacity with the size of the room.
  • Installation Location: Confirm electrical accessibility.
  • Portable vs. Fixed: Determine whether a freestanding or built-in model suits your space constraints and aesthetic preferences.

Budget and Cost

Budget impacts the selection:

  • Initial Cost: Prices vary widely based on size, capacity, and design features.
  • Operating Cost: Consider the long-term energy costs associated with the fireplace's usage.
  • Maintenance: low maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting an electric fireplace, key considerations include type, size, design, and energy efficiency. Here are answers to some common questions to assist in making an informed decision.

How do I choose the best electric fireplace for my home?

Depends on the space available, heating requirements, and aesthetic preferences. For small spaces, a small electric fireplace or wall-mounted model may be ideal, whereas more expansive rooms may benefit from a large or linear unit. Corner electric fireplaces save space while offering a cozy ambiance.

Can you use electric inserts in existing fireplaces?

Yes, they can be installed in existing fireplaces. They provide an efficient conversion to electric heating, maintaining the traditional look of a fireplace without the need for venting or a chimney.

What are the energy efficiency advantages of an electric insert?

Electric inserts are highly energy-efficient, as they convert nearly all their energy into heat with minimal loss. Since there's no need for venting, they prevent heat from escaping, unlike traditional fireplaces, thereby reducing drafts and heat loss.

What is the heating efficiency of these units?

They supplemental heating for a room or designated space. On average, they can produce enough heat to comfortably warm a 400-square-foot room. While not typically intended to be a primary heat source, they add warmth where needed.

Are there specific considerations for corner fireplaces electric?

Maintenance for corner fireplaces is similar to other electric models. It includes keeping the unit clean and dust-free, and regularly checking the light bulbs or LED displays that create the flame effect. It's important to ensure that the corner placement does not obstruct the fireplace's vents.