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Alfa 4 Pizze Portable Pizza Oven

By: Alfa One Nano Pizza Oven
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Enjoy outdoor cooking with the 4 Pizze Oven

When it comes to good cooking, the possibilities are endless. Your home oven should reflect that; that’s why we’re proud to carry the astonishingly capable Alfa 4 Pizze residential oven, an outdoor cooking solution designed for families that love to eat!

What makes the 4 Pizze so special?

Rustic, wood-fired cooking

Bring home the artisan craft of wood cooking with this stellar oven designed to trap the heat and full flavor of burning wood, creating unforgettable pizzas and more. You’ll be surprised at how evenly your pies cook inside a carefully crafted chamber, all from the combustion of some humble logs!

Feed the whole family

The Pizze packs a capacity punch, capable of holding up to 4 pizzas inside of its large dome. It’s the ideal outdoor oven for keeping an entire clan’s stomach full, hosting stellar backyard cookouts, or any other gathering where there are a lot of mouths to feed. The Pizze gets it done quickly, too; you’ll be able to churn out about 14 pizzas every 15 minutes!

Expert craftsmanship

Alfa Forni, an Italian company, has a storied history of combining tradition with modern manufacturing. This couldn’t be more evident than it is in the Pizze; a clear influence of artisan heritage is present in the design of the dome, while the precision and industrial rigor are seen in this oven’s efficiency and style which means this oven will last a lifetime so you'll enjoy cooking out for many years with a beautiful oven.

Versatility abounds

The Pizze, despite its name, is capable of so much more than a pizza. Just about anything you could cook over a fire, in a traditional oven, or even barbecue can be done inside the Pizze in less time with more flavor.

The Pizze isn’t just adept at multiple foods, it is also available in multiple modes: You can get the Pizze in a stationary, tabletop design that looks great on patios or other fixtures, or on a sleek rolling base that gives your oven unparalleled mobility. Take it to a cookout, or leave it at home; the choice is yours.

ALFA 4 Pizze Specifications

  • External Width (+ side table): 61"
  • External Depth: 35.5"
  • Oven Height: 26.5"
  • Overall Height (base to chimney): 85.4"
  • Cooking Space: 31.5 W x 23.6 D x 36" tall
  • Oven Opening Width: 26.7"
  • Oven Weight: 315 lbs
  • Overall Weight: 114 lbs
  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Max Temp: 500°C (1000°F)
  • Color Options: Copper
  • Chimney Length: 21.1"
  • Chimney Width: 5.9" ⌀
  • Heating time: 20 minutes
  • Pizza capacity: (3) 12" Pizzas in 90 seconds
  • Pizzas every 15 minutes: 14
  • Bread Capacity: 8.8 pounds
  • Recommend fuel: Max 1.9" in diameter, trimmings
  • Average Fuel Consumption: 8.8 pounds/hr
  • Smoke Temperature: 387°C / 728°F
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