5 Mistakes to Avoid when Purchasing a Gas Fireplace

29th Mar 2024

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Purchasing a Gas Fireplace

Throughout our years in the fireplace industry we have seen plenty of purchasing mistakes made by designers and customers. These mistakes can be costly, time consuming, and can decrease the value of your home or design project.

Thankfully, we have outlined the 5 mistakes most commonly made when purchasing a gas fireplace and how to avoid them by choosing to work with a fireplace expert.

1. Choosing the fireplace the builder recommends/ provides allowance for

A gas fireplace is a 20 year investment and there is a huge difference between a standard builders box fireplace and the intricate fireplaces on the market. The burner options, flame preference, and BTU output (heat output) adjustability are game changers when creating your ideal space. Along with flame/heat details there are countless design options to consider, such as the logs, surround, and liners. These elements can be customized to match your exact vision and decor. A fireplace is the focal point of a home, so it is critical to choose your fireplace wisely and consult a fireplace expert when making a fireplace investment.

2. Not planning for fireplace construction

When adding a fireplace to a room, one must consider the potential loss of square footage when framing a fireplace directly into a room and up to the ceiling, as opposed to placing it flush onto an exterior wall with an outdoor chase.

3. Not planning for venting

Throughout our years we have encountered many design plans that look fantastic on paper, but are ultimately not feasible. One must plan out proper clearance space between the venting and combustibles. Examples of venting combustibles would be floor joist's, framing studs, clearances to the soffit, and ventilation cap clearances to windows and above any roof lines. These venting mistakes can come at a great financial cost and waste valuable time in the design process.

4. Not planning gas/electrical

One must know where gas shut offs need to be located and where gas lines should be placed. Most fireplace units now require electrical components to support electronic capabilities such as electronic ignition and interior lighting. Proper electrical code must be followed and a fireplace professional can educate you on the criteria necessary for your project.

5. The Television above the fireplace

It might sound easy to install a fireplace beneath your TV or add a TV above your unit. However, this is not always the case. The clearances required between the unit and the TV are critical to avoid heat reaching the bottom of the TV. Certain fireplaces require the TV to be recessed into the framing, which means the TV must be sunken into the wall by creating a cubby. Other fireplaces require a heat transfer system or a plenum system, which direct the heat into a ventilation system, actively dispersing the heat away from the TV.

Ultimately, there are many factors to consider when choosing a fireplace for your home or design project. At Luxury Fire we aim to ease this complicated process by consulting you on all technical aspects of your design. We are one of America's most trusted retailers and fireplace consultants for over 20 years and we are happy to assist you in your vision.