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Golden Blount Fireplace Review: Top Models for Your Home

Golden Blount, Inc. is recognized in the fireplace industry for offering high-quality fireplace and gas grill products. Golden Blount was created to offer high-quality products at a reasonable price. Golden Blount established to provide top-notch products at an affordable cost. They have received the prestigious "Vesta" award twice for their exceptional vented gas logs, demonstrating their industry-wide respect.

Golden Blount Gas Fireplace Products

They specialize in a diverse range of fireplace products, known for their quality and innovation. Based in Addison, TX, the company offers an array of both vented and vent-free gas log sets, as well as fire pits, fireplaces, and fireplace doors.

Golden Blount linear fireplace Fireplaces and Fire Pits

This company delivers a selection of fire pits and gas fireplaces that accentuate any outdoor or indoor space. The Golden Blount Grand Fire Pit offers a grand-scale outdoor ambiance, while their linear fireplaces provide a contemporary indoor aesthetic. Their designs ensure a seamless blend with different décor styles, and with their high-quality craftsmanship, their fire pits and fireplaces stand as a testament to durable outdoor luxury.

Fireplace Doors

The company takes pride in its high-quality glass fireplace doors, which not only enhance safety but also add to the visual appeal of a fireplace. These doors are designed to complement various fireplace styles, ranging from traditional to modern. Durable and stylish, their fireplace doors are an essential accessory for any fireplace owner.

Gas Logs

Golden Blount is particularly recognized for their vented and vent-free gas logs, which include award-winning options like the Grand Bonfire and Golden Blount Gas Logs. They feature realistic details and come in different sizes to fit various fireplace dimensions.

  • Golden Blount Log sets
  • Two-time "Vesta" winner: Industry recognition for outstanding gas logs.
  • Controlled Ember Bed Burner: A patented innovative system that enhances the realism of the fire.

Customers can choose from various log sets that are compatible with natural gas or propane, and some log sets come with electronic ignition for ease of use.

Installation and Operation

Golden Blount products are designed for user-friendly installation and operation. For those installing Golden Blount logs, the process includes:

  1. Proper placement of the logs on the burner.
  2. Connection to the gas supply with careful attention to safety and manufacturer guidelines.
  3. Clear instructions on how to light the Golden Blount gas log, with support for both manual and electronic ignition systems.

All the documentation is available online, enabling a straightforward setup and maintenance experience for users. It's important to follow the provided guides meticulously to ensure the effective and safe operation of their fireplace products.

Customer Experience

Customers of Golden Blount are typically engaged with the brand through the longevity and aesthetic appeal of their products. The experience is largely defined by the quality build of the fireplaces, the support received from the team, and the design elements that make these products stand out.

Product Quality and Durability

Golden Blount fireplaces are known for their strong construction and reliability. The company has established a reputation for creating fireplaces that last, with some product lines being two-time "Vesta" winners for outstanding gas logs. This accolade is judged by the fireplace industry and emphasizes durability as a cornerstone of their product range.

Service and Support

The company provides detailed installation and operating instructions, ensuring that safety and correct usage are not compromised. Support is handled with attention to visual and written guides, which makes troubleshooting simpler. The responsiveness of Golden Blount's service can be reaffirmed by accessible customer support for any additional concerns or queries.

Design and Aesthetics

Golden Blount designs blend innovation with traditional elements. The designs cater to a range of tastes from classic to contemporary, enhancing the visual ambiance of the spaces they inhabit. Customers often note the infrastructure and elegance of the Golden Blount Addison series, embodying the balance of form and function.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries regarding Golden Blount fireplaces, assisting owners with operation, maintenance, and enhancements.

What are some common user experiences with Golden Blount fireplaces?

Users typically enjoy the unobstructed views provided by the open front gas fireplaces and appreciate the quality of their award-winning gas log sets.

Where can I purchase replacement doors for my Golden Blunt fireplace?

Replacement doors and other parts for Golden Blount fireplaces can be ordered through authorized dealers, which can be located by calling their toll-free customer service number.

How do I operate my Golden Blount fire logs using the remote control?

Operating a Golden Blount fireplace with a remote control involves following specific instructions provided in the user manual for the model, which includes guidance on starting the fireplace and adjusting settings.

What should I do if I need replacement parts for my Golden Blount fireplace?

Customers in need of replacement parts for their Golden Blount fireplace should contact the company directly or reach out to an authorized dealer for the correct parts and installation advice.

How do I correctly place logs in a Golden Blount fireplace model?

The placement of logs in a Golden Blount fireplace should adhere to the guidelines detailed in the model's installation and operating instructions to ensure optimal performance and safety.