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Stuv 16-68Z Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace

By: STUV Contemporary Wood Stoves and Fireplaces
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Clean lines. Amazing performance.

The Stûv 16 line showcases the beauty of flames through its refined design. These models of wood fireplaces and inserts have a large opening for maximum heat distribution.

Fire in its purest form with automatic control

The combustion techniques of the Stûv 16 allows to optimize their efficiency while eliminating their environmental impact. Equipped with SBR (single burn rate) automatic control, these models area easy to use: no air register to manipulate all you need to do is light the logs and enjoy the spectacular fire.

Clean lines and elegance

With their perfectly straight lines, Stûv 16 fireplaces and inserts are timeless and suitable for every style.

A breathtaking view of the fire

Handles are not visible on the Stûv 16. A removable key serves as a tool to open the hinged door.

Zero clearance

Insert or zero clearance wood fireplaces, Stûv 16 offers you a multitude of possibilities to enhance your décor.

Heat up to 2 100 ft²
(72 000 BTU)

EPA Certified - Low Fine Particulate Matter Emissions

Removable handle for a sleek design


Integrated and silent convection
The heat is returned to the room through an opening located between the combustion chamber and the Stûv 16 casing. No fan is required since convection is by natural gravity for these models of wood fireplaces and inserts.

Connection to the outside air intake
An opening under the device is specially designed to connect an outside air intake directly to the Stûv 16 combustion chamber. The fire then takes oxygen outside the house and thus ensures optimal combustion.

Mobile smoke deflector
A mobile smoke deflector opens and closes with the door on the Stûv 16. When the door is open, it allows the smoke to escape, thus avoiding backflow into the room, and when the door is closed, the deflector prevents the smoke from being quickly exhausted, thus ensuring a second combustion of the gases in the device.

Safety spring
A small spring is positioned at the bottom of the Stûv 16 door to ensure its closure when released. When the door of these models of wood fireplaces and inserts is partially closed, it creates a blowing effect on the flames that is very useful for lighting the fire and prevents sparks or embers from falling to the ground.

Double hook door
The hinged door of the Stûv 16 has two hooks to ensure its solidity and make the combustion chamber of these models of wood fireplaces and inserts even more airtight.


When performance enhances the fire

  1. The air required for combustion comes directly from under through an outside air intake connector specially designed for the Stûv 16-in, Z and combo models.
  2. Air injectors at the top of the combustion chamber allow for a second combustion of the gases this reduces the release of fine particles into the air.
  3. Once the gases have burned they are evacuated through the flue pipe.
  4. The sweeping air flow removes dust due to combustion from the glass providing a perfect view of the flames.
  5. The air is taken from the room and heated by the unit, the convection air circulates along the combustion chamber and absorbs the heat.
  6. The heated air comes out naturally from unit and distributes a comforting warmth into the room.
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