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Regency CI2700 Wood Insert Pro-Series

By: Regency Fireplace Products-Gas Inserts, Wood Stoves & More
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Regency CI2700 Review: Unveiling the Pro Series Wood Insert Features & Pricing

The integration of the Regency Pro-Series CI2700 wood insert into a home provides not only an element of sophisticated design but also a promise of performance. As one of the front-runners in the eco-friendly heating solutions, this wood burning fireplace insert exhibits a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and advanced combustion technology, designed to offer consistent warmth and a greener burn.

Consumers have increasingly shown a preference for products that cater to both luxury and environmental responsibility. The Regency CI2700 Pro-Series wood insert responds to this demand by implementing the Eco-Boost triple burn technology. This innovative feature ensures that efficiency is maximized, emissions are minimized, and the overall burn time is extended, affirming the manufacturer's dedication to customer satisfaction and a reduced carbon footprint.

Contemporary Wood Fireplace Insert

The Regency Pro-Series Ci2700 is an advanced wood fireplace insert known for its clean aesthetics and robust performance. The unit's streamlined front harmonizes with any modern interior design, showcasing a substantial fire. Utilizing the Eco-Boost triple burn technology, it offers a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Features include:

  • Linear firebox: Ample viewing area to enjoy the flames.
  • Eco-Boost technology: Enhances the burn time and consistency of the fire.
  • Thermal efficiency: Achieves 79% efficiency with reduced emissions of 1.3 g/hr.

With the capacity to produce heat for up to 14 hours on a single load of wood, it represents efficiency and eco-conscious heating. This technology activates with a simple bypass control once the optimal temperature is indicated by the digital thermometer, ensuring an even and extended burn cycle while remaining environmentally friendly.

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Key Features of the Ci2700 large hybrid wood Insert

  • Expansive viewing area enhanced by heat-radiating ceramic glass
  • Large fire viewing area
  • Solid forged steel adjustable cam lock ensures a tight door seal over time
  • Durable, unyielding cast hinges designed for longevity
  • Adjustable forged steel cam lock maintains a consistently tight door seal
  • Easily accessible air regulation and catalytic converter bypass mechanism
  • Integrated digital monitor for tracking catalytic converter temperature to optimize burn times and efficiency
  • Firebox lined with performance bricks to reflect and amplify heat
  • Clear glass maintenance through a discrete air wash system
  • Sturdy steel log retainers prevent log displacement
  • Door opens to 110° for convenient log placement
  • Advanced triple-burn technology ensuring extensive and thorough burns
  • Comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty and 100% coverage on the catalyst for ten years

Energy Efficiency and Dimensions

  • Maximum heat output reaches up to 78,000 BTUs/hr
  • EPA-Tested heat generation averages at 27,000 BTUs/hr
  • High Heating Value (HHV) efficiency rated at 77%
  • Lower Heating Value (LHV) efficiency stands at 83%
  • Insert measures 29 inches wide, 21.75 inches high, and 19 inches deep

Common Inquiries about the Regency CI2700 Wood Insert

How the Regency CI2700's Efficiency Measures Up

The Regency CI2700 is designed for remarkable efficiency, boasting up to 86% thermal efficiency which surpasses many alternatives. Users can expect lengthy burn times, with the potential to maintain a fire for as long as 14 hours on a single load of wood in optimal conditions.

Durability of the Regency CI2700 Wood Fireplace Insert

This wood insert is built for endurance. With proper maintenance, such as regularly cleaning the insert and conducting annual inspections, owners can anticipate the insert's longevity to stretch over many years. The exact lifespan can vary based on usage intensity and adherence to care instructions outlined in the owner's manual. Comes with lifetime Warranty.

Ownership Costs Beyond the Initial Price Tag for the Regency CI2700

Investing in the Regency CI2700 involves additional expenses. These can include:

  • Installation: Professional fees for safe and correct installation.
  • Accessories: Optional components such as blowers for improved heat distribution.
  • Maintenance: Regular upkeep costs including chimney sweeps and replacement of any worn parts over time.

Comparing the Regency CI2700 with other Wood Insert Models

Key differences between these models are:

  • Size and Heating Capacity: The CI2700 offers a larger heating capacity.
  • Design Elements: Aesthetics and build may vary, with the CI2700 often featuring contemporary design notes.
  • Performance: Advanced burn technology, tax credit approved.

User Assessments of the Regency CI2700 Performance and Dependability

Owners generally report satisfaction with the CI2700, frequently praising its heating efficiency and eco-friendly design due to its Eco-Boost technology. Reliability and the ability to maintain consistent heat output also often feature positively in user reviews.

Assessing the Value of a Regency CI2700 Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert Investment

The value of investing in the Regency CI2700 wood-burning fireplace insert is perceived through:

  • Energy Cost Savings: The high-efficiency rating can result in reduced heating bills.
  • Enhanced Ambiance: It offers the aesthetic appeal of a traditional fireplace with modern design elements.
  • Eco-Friendly: With lower emissions, it's a responsible choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners.
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