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St. Croix Pellet Burning Stove Prescott II EXL

By: St. Croix Stoves
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Prescott II EXL

A pellet stove that’s as sturdy as it is sleek


The reassuring classic aesthetic of the Prescott EXL pellet stove is matched only by is straightforward design. A large 75-pound hopper means you won’t always be worried about refueling, and the decorative accent legs offer a smooth finish. Also available with a pedestal base, this pellet stove can be customized to perfectly fit your space and style. Convenience paired with solid construction—that’s the Prescott pellet stove advantage.

Prescott EXL complies with the 2020 Particulate Emmissions standards using pellet fuel. ASTM E2779-2010 / ASTM E2515-2011
Efficiency: 80.9%
Emissions: 0.70 g/hr




The St Croix Prescott pellet stove is available in two versions. The Prescott EXL stands on legs and the Prescott EXP stands on a pedestal which contains the ash pan. This is a stepped top stove with a flat, but quite large viewing window.


The St Croix Prescott is rated to heat 1,800 square feet and produces 40,000 btu. The hopper is a good size at sixty five pounds, enabling the stove to burn for sixty two hours without re-filling on the low heat setting.

The Prescott will shut down and re-ignite from thermostat control, and will also run between high and low if some continuous heat is required.

Recommended fuels are wood pellets, cherry pits, or a 50% mix of corn and wood pellets.

The control board slides out from the back of the stove when needed, normally it's hidden. It has some useful diagnostic features to tell you whether or not all's well with the stove.

Heating Area 1,800 sq.ft.

Max. Heat Output 40,000 btu.

Min. Heat Output 10,500 btu. Zero with optional thermostat

Automatic Ignition Yes

Manual Ignition If needed

Hopper Capacity 75 lbs.

Burn time 62.5 ours on low heat setting

Fuel Type Wood pellets, cherry pits, 50% corn and wood pellets

Glass Air Wash No

Built in Blower Yes

Convection Blower Capacity 210 cfm.

Thermostat Compatible Yes, available as an option

E.P.A. Approved Yes

Emissions 0.7 gr/hr.

Efficiency 78%


Height: Prescott EXL 31.75 in, Prescott EXP 34 in.
Width 24.75 in.
Depth 26 in.

Weight Prescott EXL 285 lbs., Prescott EXP 299 lbs.

Window Size 13.5 in by 8 in.

Flue Vent Size 3 in.

Top Vent No

Rear Vent Yes

Rear Vent Height Prescott EXL 11.1 in. Prescott EXP 12.5 in.

Battery Backup No

Colours Black

Exhaust Temperature Sensor Yes

Low Draft Shutdown Yes

Construction Type Fabricated steel

Automatic Shutdown and Re-ignition Yes


Original owner: Five years on steel parts excluding the burn pot, Two years on electrical components.


Log set
Gold or nickel door trim
Gold or nickel reveal
The Prescott EXL also has the option of gold or nickel legs





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