Summerset Grills

Summerset Grills

The enjoyment of outdoor cooking is elevated with the right equipment, and Summerset Grills has become a go-to source for those seeking to enhance their outdoor culinary experiences. Offering a diverse array of high-quality grills, ovens, and vent hoods, Summerset caters to various preferences, whether users are inclined towards gas, charcoal, or wood methods. A commitment to addressing different styles and tastes is evident in their product range, making them a prominent name in the outdoor kitchen appliance market.

Summerset's products are not only about versatility but also about durability and design. Their grills, such as those in the Sizzler Series, boast stainless steel construction, promoting optimal airflow and even heating to ensure that food is cooked to perfection. With an emphasis on exceptional build quality and value, these grills aim to be a reliable partner in outdoor entertainment for years to come.

Professionalism marks the company’s approach, with Summerset's headquarters providing customer service that underscores the brand’s dedication to the buyer's journey. From finding the perfect grill to suit an individual's outdoor cooking needs to offering after-purchase support, Summerset professional staves are available to assist. Those looking to incorporate a Summerset appliance in their outdoor space are invited to explore the built-in grills and other offerings to discover how these products can transform outdoor cooking.

Summerset Grills Overview

Summerset Grills are renowned for their high-quality construction and variety of models suitable for both novice and seasoned grill enthusiasts. They offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality in outdoor cooking.

History and Brand Evolution

The brand Summerset Grills began its journey with a commitment to providing customers with premium outdoor kitchen appliances. The roots of the brand are planted in the tradition of creating durable, high-performance grilling equipment. Over the years, Summerset has expanded its product lineup while maintaining a focus on crafting grills that offer both style and substance.

Range of Models

Summerset Grills boasts a wide range of models, designed to cater to various preferences and budgets:

  • Sizzler Series: A balance of affordability and functionality, the Sizzler grills are a go-to for those seeking quality without the hefty price tag. They come in different sizes including 26", 32", and 40" models with multiple burner options.
  • Alturi Series: Positioned as a luxury offering, the Alturi Series grills encapsulate elegance with a robust build. These grills feature options like built-in rotisseries and are available in sizes up to 42".

Each series is tailored to enhance the outdoor cooking experience, whether it's a simple family barbecue or a sophisticated outdoor gourmet feast.

Features and Technologies

Summerset Grills incorporate a blend of high-performance features and robust construction materials that cater to both casual and serious grillers. They stand out in the market for their innovation and quality.

Innovative Grilling Features

Summerset Grills are designed with efficiency in mind and bring various advanced features to enhance the grilling experience. For instance, the Summerset Sizzler 26 offers exceptional cooking power with three 12,000 BTU burners amounting to a total of 36,000 BTUs. Grilling enthusiasts appreciate the precision and control these burners provide across the 560 square inches of cooking space.

Key innovations include:

Durability and Build Quality

Durability is a hallmark of Summerset Grills, which are crafted to withstand the test of time and usage.


  • Burners: Made with 304-grade stainless steel, these burners are built to last and resist wear and tear.
  • Construction: Summerset Grills are known for their double-lined stainless steel construction, which provides an added layer of protection against the elements.

Build Quality Details:

  • Number of Burners: Higher-end models like the 36" grill feature five burners with a total of 110,000 BTUs, while the 54" model boasts eight burners.
  • Maintenance Tools: A user-friendly grid lifting tool comes with certain models, as highlighted in The BBQ Depot's comparison, which simplifies the loading of fuel and cleaning process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Summerset Grills users often have questions about the operation, maintenance, and purchase of parts for their grills. Below are some of the most common inquiries.

How do you ignite a Summerset Professional Grill?

To ignite a Summerset Professional Grill, one should make sure the gas supply is on and then use the ignition button for a reliable start. In case of ignition failure, troubleshooting steps involve checking the gas flow and battery replacement in the igniter.

Where can I find replacement parts for my Summerset grill?

Replacement parts for Summerset grills are available from authorized dealers and the company's official website. It is recommended to use genuine Summerset components to ensure compatibility and performance.

What are the latest reviews on Summerset grills?

The latest reviews on Summerset grills often highlight their durability and high-performance features. Prospective buyers can find user feedback and expert analysis to gauge the grills' quality and functionality.

Is Summerset Grills a USA-made brand?

Summerset Grills takes pride in being a brand that designs and engineers its products in the USA, though manufacturing may take place both domestically and internationally to maintain cost-effectiveness while ensuring quality.

How should I properly clean a Summerset grill?

Proper cleaning of a Summerset grill involves using a grill brush to clean the grates after each use. For deeper cleaning, the manufacturer's guidelines suggest using non-abrasive cleaners and checking the drip pan regularly to avoid grease build-up.

Summerset Grill Reviews

Reviews for Summerset Grills often emphasize their robust build and innovative features, like the inclusion of a smoker tray for enhanced flavor. These reviews can offer insights into various models and user experiences.